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Almost everyone has played addicting i - Phone games like Angry Birds or Temple Run
These games are wonderful and can even keep you entertained for awhile, but eventually you may find yourself trying to find something else to learn on your phone
When you're inevitably looking for something new to have hooked on in the App Store, keep these games in mind
Hill Climb Racing You play as being a driver with long hair, a red hat and a stubble beard
Your main objective is usually to travel certain distances and reach goals without crashing
You try this by either accelerating or braking because you travel across bridges and hills, trying to get as far as you can
What helps to make the game fun and addicting is the fact you can unlock many different levels, a variety of vehicles, and numerous upgrades for every vehicle
With new updates coming in from time to time, mafia wars will help you stay entertained with limitless play-ability
Toon Shooter: Rise with the Fleet A fun side-scrolling shooter in places you play as cartoon characters in both solo or co-op play
Battle against incoming enemies and also at the end of the map in the challenging boss battle
What makes farmville fun could be the choice between eight different characters with their own unique weapons and upgrades
This game is somewhat challenging and frustrating occasionally, but that is also a part of its appeal
Zombie Road Trip Try to outrun the zombie horde in your vehicle, that is attached with gadgets and weapons in order to kill the oncoming zombies that can do nothing but make an effort to slow you down
This game lets you purchase 16 different vehicles with various weapons and gadgetry to be able to aid you in outrunning the horde of zombies that follows
Hit jumps and land flips well in order to speed up, or land them poorly being slowed down
Clash of Clans This game can be be extremely addictive together me hooked for months
You play online with users in which you'll be able to team up with or attack
Your objective is always to build a village also to also build an army
Building your village includes creating gold mines and elixir mines that you simply use to increase your size and army
Build increase town defenses to reduce the chances of attacks off their users, build increase army to address and take control other users villages
One other fun feature that this game allows may be the ability to either create your own clan or join another existing clan with online players
This game is obviously worth looking at if you enjoy strategy games
Bullet Train Hell A classic jumping game having a twist, oncoming wind to either slow you down or speed you up
You play like a conductor in addition to a speeding bullet train
Navigate through several levels with jumping, either combating the wind or using it to your advantage
Simple in the beginning but grows more challenging within the later levels
These are a few with the many i - Phone games I have found to help you me inside the ongoing deal with boredom

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